Life runs in cycles, doesn't it? My broadcast career started in radio, and in many ways that remains my first love. Now I'm back where I started, as the News Director of OutQ, the gay channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. Between the radio bookends of my career so far, I spent years in the trenches of TV news, and about a decade making cable documentaries.

Scout Suit
In 1981 my Boy Scout Troop was forced by the local Council to expel me from my position as Assistant Scoutmaster solely because I'm gay. With the assistance of the ACLU, I sued the Council for violating the California's anti-discrimination law. In March, 1998 — after 17 years in the California courts — the state Supreme Court finally ruled.

My Life
I love New York in January, how about you? Here's a look at my New York City home with contact information, plus the latest in my life, and a remembrance of friends gone but not forgotten.